Saturdays and Sundays, July 13th through to August 18th, 2019
We're open 11am - 7pm, rain or shine!

The Joust is Back!
After too long an absence, we are pleased to annouce the return of the joust, with Brothers in Arms Jousting - see our Entertainment Page for details.

Come celebrate with us at the 27th annual Great Lakes Medieval Faire!

The Great Lakes Medieval Faire is a shaded, 13th century family fun theme park filled with fine continuous entertainment, juried crafts and artisans, rides and interactive games, and foods fit for a King.

Celebrate with us at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire, reminiscent of Sherwood Forest. Our shire of Avaloch is filled with outstanding entertainment. Shoppe for treasures from silks to swords, and hear the pounding of the blacksmith echoing through the misty forest. Watch demonstrating crafters: hand-blown glass art, jewelers threading fine gold wire around exquisite crystals and jewels, clothiers, soap makers and more. Get a thrill on our rides and try your hand at archery, axe-throwing and other games of skill. Enjoy foodes fit for a King. Sink your teeth into a colossal Turkey Legge or sit down for an authentic full-course, fire-roasted chicken dinner, and finish your day off with delectable homemade frozen custards and pastries. Step back in time to an age of romance and chivalry, where brave knights battle for the favor of the Queen, fair damsels and minstrels frolic, and the villagers and fae enjoy a festival day with much merriment!

Come join us this summer at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire!

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Father's Day Sale!
The Faire means ale, roasted meat, the clash of armor, and women in bodices - could there possibly be a better Father's Day gift? So bring dad to the Great Lakes Medieval Faire and all of you can enjoy all of that (plus a whole lot more). And because Dad always knows how to save a buck we offer our Father's Day Sale, the best price possible for tickets: a 2 for 1 special on our Daily Passes. Buying your tickets online brings you even closer to the Faire (plus you'll save a few dollars off the gate price and we'll mail the tickets right to your door!).
Regular season ticket prices and group sales information can be found on our General Information page.

The Quest of The Knights Templar
The Knights Templar are knocking at the gates of our glorious village of Avaloch, in search of many-fabled artifacts and treasures. Come join The Quest! You are personally invited to help the Knights Templar explore your beloved village of Avaloch, as they uncover the many leads to where the treasure is hid. King William pledges his support and enlists the aid of you all - step up to the task: explore Avaloch alongside the mysterious and powerful Knights Templar.

Scour the village with the Knights Templar, gather clues and advice from the Oracle and the Muses - but beware! Naughty, misleading gypsies just might send you on a wild goose chase. You will stumble on your favorite treasures at the craft shoppes and be tantalized along the path by partaking in Avaloch's finest edibles and staples. Pirates will confront and challenge you to games of skill and argh...even dare you to the ultimate challenge of pirate all at our enormous human foosball game.

Enjoy a full day of family fun and dog-friendly festivities. Conclude your day by joining the Knights Templar at our famous high-spirited closing ceremony, to see the discovered the fabled artifacts and see who's won the Quest.

All are welcome to Quest with us - more information is coming soon...

Enter our Photo Contest!
Each year our patrons submit hundreds of photos for our annual Photo Contest - winners receive passes to the faire and prizes from our souvenir shoppe and have their photos posted here. This year we're accepting artwork and illustrations as well, so if you have a good eye or a creative hand and love the festival, read through the rules and bring your camera to the faire.

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Entertainment Abounds!
Experience the variety of entertainment: marvel at magicians and fire-eaters, gasp with dynamic swordplay, and guffaw at marvelous jesters. Enjoy succulent period delicacies, washed down with a variety of ice-cold beverages. And between shows, browse through one of Ohio's largest open-air juried Artisan and Craft markets, displaying hand-made crafts such as jewelery, leather goods, and clothing from across North America. Our village marketplace boasts over one hundred of the country's finest artisans and craftfolks as they create and sell their wares: jewelery, customing, candles, clothing, baskets, boots, silks, swords, toys, pottery, stained glass, trinkets, and more!

Vendors, merchants, and artisans!
We are now accepting applications for the upcoming season. Go to our Craft Artisan page for more details.

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