Entertainment at the Faire

Travel back to 13th Century England! Marvel at the colorful pageantry of costumed villagers, artisan and musicians, and laugh and gasp with the merry entertainers and skilled daredevils on the stages! Come share the music, and thrill at exciting presentations and events - great entertainment for all ages and enjoyment for the entire family awaits at The Great Lakes Medieval Faire!
Performers at the 2017 Faire include:

Washing Well Wenches They're wet! They're wacky! Come see medieval girls gone wild! (In a clean way.. what were you thinking? Shame!) The Washing Well Wenches bring us "good, clean fun and wet, dirty women"!
Johnny Phoenix The show is called Johnny Phoenix, comedy for a world on fire! To quote Johnny, "It mixes interactive comedy, variety arts (fire eating, whip work, and fire walk) with performance arts and stand-up comedy. Its message is strong and rooted in humanity."
Danger Slash Action-Hero-Comedian Spencer "Slash" Humm presents the most dangerous act at the Faire with feats of balance, precision knife throwing, bullwhip stunts, comedy and more. It's like the Oprah Winfrey show, but without Oprah or her show.
Broon Broon brings a conversational style to the variety comedy world with less emphasis on corny gags and empty flash and more on audience interaction and personality. While cracking bullwhips, juggling bowling balls or eating fire Broon keeps the laughs alive with a dry wit and extemporaneous style that keeps audiences in stitches.
Note: Appearing the first four weekends (July 8th - 30th), only
Living Combat Chess Match Villagers, peasant and noble alike, take arms to stand for the Houses in a fight of the heart through skill, strategy, and wit!
Human Comedy Checkers Peasant Uprising? Or simply training exercise? Sheriff Cordell Walker and Friar Lawrence face off in a twisted tale of combat checkers, as Wilhelmina Hathaway, Avaloch's playwright-in-residence, tries to recreate the greatest love story ever told as peasants and fae take to the stage starring as rather inaccurate representations of star-crossed lovers.
Human Pirate
Foos Ball
Description to come...

Hypnotists Rick &
Jan Stratton
See the Hypnosis show. See the Hypnosis show. See the Hypnosis show. See the Hypnosis show. See the Hypnosis show. See the Hypnosis show. See the Hypnosis show.
Adamo Ignis A top-notch juggling, stilt-walking, fireshow!
The Rogue Flames The Rogue Flames are a pirate show like none other! Fire breathing, sword fighting, and witty quick banter come together to form the slide-splitting, death-defying, flaming act you see before you!
Isaac Fawlkes My name is Isaac Fawlkes and I'm here to "magish" for you. Aren't you glad I'm not a Wizard?
Note: Appearing the first four weekends (July 8th - 30th), only
Hopeless Romantics He's back! Come hear Master Story-teller Guido Libido tell the "real" version of your favorite love tragedies, like Romeo & Juliet or Adam & Eve, in a way you've never heard before...or will want to ever again. Guido's been been "Making Love Funny" for over 10 years at Festivals across the country with an interactive comedy that involves the audience and is never the same show twice. And new this year - Guido will share his personal stories of LOVE! (...and, ah, Tragedy.)
Note: Appearing the last two weekends (August 5th - 13th), only
Great Lakes National
Puppet Theater
Using the philosophy of treating children and an intelligent and discerning audience, the Great Lakes National Puppet Theater encourages the audience to think,to feel, and to grow as a result of experiencing quality "Theater with Puppets."
Note: Appearing the final weekend (August 12th - 13th), only

Musical offerings:

Axel the Sot Heard on DOCTOR DEMENTO!
ALL HANDS ON DECK! for your favorite Drunken Sailor AXEL THE SOT! He's just come ashore from sailing the seven seas and he's brought back a BOATLOAD of COMEDY to share. Climb aboard 4 times daily for his NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY PUB SHOW at the GLMF ADULT AREA!! Get "Ship-Faced" with Axel as he brings you Outrageous Songs, Inappropriate Jokes, and Embarrassing Limericks. This Seasoned & Salty Sailor's Off-Brand Humor will make you BLUSH (all four cheeks)!
1st Show (on the Bridge) rated G / 2nd show rated PG-13 / 3rd show rated R / 4th show rated NC-17
Silent Lion Intense instrumentals and lyrics of a Medieval mysticism reveal Silent Lion to be genuinely enchanted. Spirited and romantic or passionate and brooding, Silent Lion will bring you into their own magical world.
The Plunder Doggs Join this crew of scallywags as they perform sea shanties, pirate songs, and traditional Irish and sailing songs; combined with comedy and story-telling.
Note: Appearing the first four weekends (July 8th - 30th), only
Lady Judy &
Sir Steve Frahm
Nimble fingers and a dazzling array of melodies graciously come from Lady Judy and her violin, accompanied by Sir Steve on his guitar - sure to enchant and mesmerize one and all throughout the shire.
Jackdaws Enjoy the guitar, drums, and violin as Banish Misfortune provide all manner of shanties and Celtic tunes
Cu Dubh Influences from the Highlands of Scotland, Gaul, Galicia, Norway, Britney, Ireland, Wales, Germany, India, Arabia, Africa, and beyond, they call back the ancient tribes in all of us. The pulse is throbbing, the blood is screaming and the battle is good...
Note: Appearing the first four weekends (July 8th - 30th), only
Menagerie Music With a large repertoire of instrumentals on the hammered dulcimer, guitar, flute & penny whistle, Menagerie will fill the streets with lively jigs & planxtys and pull a smile from your soul.
Chris Puente Combining songs and sounds from the East Texas Pines to the swing of the west hill country; from the sultry French Quarter and the Mississippi delta to the pep of the Ozark Hills.

Roxanne Bruscha Roxanne is a diverse performer bringing a variety of world and celtic music to her performances. As the lead singer of Wine and Alchemy and of Tarragar, she plays Harmonium and the Hurdy Gurdy, and performs songs in several languages as well.
Michael Manderen Be swept away by the melodious tunes of our Medieval Minstrel, played on lute and viola da gamba as he meanders through our magical lanes.
Barby Holder Barby Holder will entrance you with ballads presented in her stirring voice and unique guitar arrangements. Original songs and old tunes will keep you smiling and singing along! Her hammered dulcimer arrangements are amazing to the eye and delightful to the ear.
Note: Appearing the first four weekends (July 8th - 30th), only
Steve Keefer Performing a wide range of folk music including ballads, sea chanteys, and sing-a-longs, from England, Scotland, and Ireland, while capturing an essential informality of the acoustic experience and thus retaining the very heart of folk music: uncomplicated, unsophisticated, and unrepentant.
Note: Appearing the final two weekends (August 5th - 13th), only
The Donegal Doggs One of Cleveland's premier Irish / Celtic music bands, performing a mix of traditional Irish favorites with modern arrangements, as well as instrumental jigs, reels, and hornpipes.
Note: Appearing the fifth weekend (August 5th - 6th), only
Eternity Irish
Step Dancing
North Canton's own A Time to Dance studio brings their talents to the Great Lakes Medieval Faire. Delight as these performers step into your hearts and bring you the luck of the Irish.
Note: Appearing the fifth weekend (August 5th - 6th), only
The Craic An intense and wildly entertaining act, made up of four international travelers who were banded together on an ancient battlefield. Ever-changing and constantly blending styles, The Craic Show brings a fresh, high-energy blend of World Medieval Music.
Note: Appearing the last two weekends (August 5th - 13th), only
Saxon Moon An instrumental Nordic group of musicians seeking to transport their audience back to the olde world.
Note: Appearing the last two weekends (August 5th - 13th), only


The Great American
Family Circus
Circus under the big top: animal rides, donkey wagon rides, and unicorn sideshow, every weekend of faire!
Live Mermaid Encounter     Meet our live mermaids, Gem and Daisy, brought to the village by pirates
Viking Encampment Experience the Viking Life with The Practical Viking
Pirate Encampment A crew of adventurous, fun-loving souls, lookin' to raid and duel - brought to you by Harlot's Virtue.
On Pirate's Weekend (July 25-26th) they'll be joined by special guest Raiders of the North Shore

For the Wee Ones:

Butterflies Encounter Come frolic with our butterflies - learn about their habitats and feed them as they land on your hand. A must-see for every child.
Fairie Forest The Temenos Fairie Fae will enlighten you all day and present the Fairie Tales Show twice daily. Come stare into the Magic Mirror as it tests your wits - it's great fun for children of any age.
Fairie Games and Crafts Perfect for kids of all ages! Come join the faeries in Arcadia, our Fairie Forest, and create magical paper masks, wands and more.
Pirate's Cover Pirate Ship    Beware - here be real, live pirates, so enter at your own risk...
Storytelling Tree Mother Maggie tells tales of old
King's Miniature Golf Test your skills and compete for best daily score
Rides & Games Kids' Swordplay Ring, Knight Toss and many other games to enjoy
Gypsy Scavenger Hunt Seek, and ye will find!

Please note: All entertainment is subject to change without notice

Questions about Entertainment at the Faire?
Contact our Entertainment Director at entertainment@medievalfaire.com

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