Entertainment at the Faire

Travel back to 13th Century England! Marvel at the colorful pageantry of costumed villagers, artisan and musicians, and laugh and gasp with the merry entertainers and skilled daredevils on the stages! Come share the music, and thrill at exciting presentations and events - great entertainment for all ages and enjoyment for the entire family awaits at The Great Lakes Medieval Faire!
Performers at the 2018 Faire include:

Brothers in Arms Jousting The Joust is Back!!  A clash of steel, a glint of armor, and charging war horses take to the field as the brave knights compete for glory in Avaloch. There are three full-contact jousting matches daily; come cheer your favorite knight on to victory!
Washing Well Wenches They're wet! They're wacky! Come see medieval girls gone wild! (In a clean way.. what were you thinking? Shame!) The Washing Well Wenches bring us "good, clean fun and wet, dirty women"!
Danger Slash Action-Hero-Comedian Spencer "Slash" Humm presents the most dangerous act at the Faire with feats of balance, precision knife throwing, bullwhip stunts, comedy and more. It's like the Oprah Winfrey show, but without Oprah or her show.
Note: Appearing all weekends except August 11 - 12th
Johnny Phoenix The show is called Johnny Phoenix, comedy for a world on fire! To quote Johnny, "It mixes interactive comedy, variety arts (fire eating, whip work, and fire walk) with performance arts and stand-up comedy. Its message is strong and rooted in humanity."
Broon Broon brings a conversational style to the variety comedy world with less emphasis on corny gags and empty flash and more on audience interaction and personality. While cracking bullwhips, juggling bowling balls or eating fire Broon keeps the laughs alive with a dry wit and extemporaneous style that keeps audiences in stitches.
Note: Appearing the first three weekends (July 14th - 29th), only
The Trained
Pig Show
Comedy, juggling, and a dancing stunt pig named Snorkel. Need we say more?
Living Combat
Chess Match
Villagers, peasant and noble alike, take arms to stand for the Houses in a fight of the heart through skill, strategy, and wit! Sword and axes clash as the forces of White and Black fight for each precious square. Cheer your side to victory at this Battle Royale! A main event not to be missed - only one show daily.
Highland Games Join the fun! All are welcome to participate or just watch these challenging traditional Scottish Highland games. Prizes will be awarded to the winners at each show!
Food & Drink Crawl Do you like food, games, prizes, or fun? Join the Miggins Sisters on the first ever Great Lakes Medieval Food Crawl! Come experience fantastic foods and beverages from across the relam, play games, win prizes, laugh with us (or at us - we don't care) and leave with a belly full of love, laughs, and most importantly... FOOD!!!

Company men Who logs the monologues? Who pays the playbills? Who cracks you up in triplicate? The Company Men do. Mr. Pace & Mr. Humm make Shakespeare their business, and your pleasure! Spencer Humm (of Hack & Slash) and Duncan Pace (of London Broil Show) lovingly combine classic comedy, wobbly wordplay, and signature songs into non-stop historical laughter! Meetings are merry and mandatory. Make sure to pencil yourself in.
Note: Appearing the fifth weekend (August 11th - 12th), only
Fool Hearty These traveling court jesters will delight you with three separate Shows: Fool's School (Learn how to be a Fool, or how to look like one!); The Untrained Dog Show (Come see Border Collies Blockhead and Polka Dot in this comedy dogshow); and Magic Show (Audience participation - your child could be the star!). Winner, Best Children's Act or Performance from Renaissance Magazine, three years running!
Note: Appearing the final three weekends (August 4th - 19th), only
The Gwendolyn Show Highly interactive and ridiculously silly, Gwendolyn Steele regales audiences with tales of her adventures, shares snippets of her "romantical" mishaps, and generally figures out what she wants to be when she grows up. Those in the audiences may find themselves part of The Gwendolyn Show - anything can happen!
Note: Appearing the final three weekends (August 4th - 19th), only
Ded Bob Sho When Bob says "Hey, Audience!", you say "Hey, What?" and the fun begins from there! This 900 year old charming and unapologetic comedic skeleton has been captivating and cracking up Renaissance audiences for 30 years. Attended always by his "dummy" Gruj (Duncan Pace), Bob weaves his morbidly upbeat sense of humor into songs, jokes, stories, and awesome audience participation -- pay attention or you might get turned into a "Bob Zombie"! Don't miss this witty and lovable scamp as he says whatever comes into his bluntly hilarious skull.
Note: Appearing the fourth weekend (August 4th - 5th), only
Bowskin Archery Traditional archery from a master bowman.
Big Whimsy:
Balloon Magic
Interactive and stilt-walkers and balloon-twisters
Ebeneezer Crumby The Irate Pyrate - comedy
Isaac Fawlkes My name is Isaac Fawlkes and I'm here to "magish" for you. Aren't you glad I'm not a Wizard?
Note: Appearing the first three weekends (July 14th - 29th), only

Musical offerings:

Axel the Sot Heard on DOCTOR DEMENTO!
ALL HANDS ON DECK! for your favorite Drunken Sailor AXEL THE SOT! He's just come ashore from sailing the seven seas and he's brought back a BOATLOAD of COMEDY to share. Climb aboard 4 times daily for his NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY PUB SHOW at the GLMF ADULT AREA!! Get "Ship-Faced" with Axel as he brings you Outrageous Songs, Inappropriate Jokes, and Embarrassing Limericks. This Seasoned & Salty Sailor's Off-Brand Humor will make you BLUSH (all four cheeks)!
1st Show (on the Bridge) rated G / 2nd show rated PG-13 / 3rd show rated R / 4th show rated NC-17
Captain John Stout With one foot on land and one on sea, this Ancient Bard for a Modern Age is ready to get your blood pounding, your foot tapping, your heart singing, and your imagination wandering with song and story! Come and take a trip across time and space with this minstrel of the mythical and mundane, as he weaves music both invigorating and soothing and all the while captivating with his ever-growing collection of Irish, Scottish, Welsh, English, American, and Australian Folk Music as well as his Sea Shanties to awaiting audiences!
Silent Lion Intense instrumentals and lyrics of a Medieval mysticism reveal Silent Lion to be genuinely enchanted. Spirited and romantic or passionate and brooding, Silent Lion will bring you into their own magical world.
Note: Appearing all weekends except August 18/19th
Roxanne Bruscha A diverse performer bringing a variety of world and celtic music to her performances - as the lead singer of Wine and Alchemy and of Tarragar, she plays Harmonium and the Hurdy Gurdy, and performs songs in several languages as well.
Note: Appearing the fourth and fifth weekends (August 4th - 12th), only
The Donegal Doggs One of Cleveland's premier Irish / Celtic music bands, performing a mix of traditional Irish favorites with modern arrangements, as well as instrumental jigs, reels, and hornpipes.
Cu Dubh Influences from the Highlands of Scotland, Gaul, Galicia, Norway, Britney, Ireland, Wales, Germany, India, Arabia, Africa, and beyond, they call back the ancient tribes in all of us. The pulse is throbbing, the blood is screaming and the battle is good...
Note: Appearing the first three weekends (July 14th - 29th), only
Menagerie Music With a large repertoire of instrumentals on the hammered dulcimer, guitar, flute & penny whistle, Menagerie will fill the streets with lively jigs & planxtys and pull a smile from your soul.

Coal Black Rose Combining songs and sounds from the East Texas Pines to the swing of the west hill country; from the sultry French Quarter and the Mississippi delta to the pep of the Ozark Hills. Embracing the spirit of the Traveler, Chris Puente and Danza Antigua perform unique versions of Seafaring Ballads, Cantigas, Gypsy, and Renaissance era tunes.
Note: Appearing all weekends except August 18/19th
Michael Manderen Be swept away by the melodious tunes of our Medieval Minstrel, played on lute and viola da gamba as he meanders through our magical lanes.
Note: Appearing all weekends except August 18/19th
Barby Holder Barby Holder will entrance you with ballads presented in her stirring voice and unique guitar arrangements. Original songs and old tunes will keep you smiling and singing along! Her hammered dulcimer arrangements are amazing to the eye and delightful to the ear.
Note: Appearing the first three weekends (July 14th - 29th), only
The Reelin' Rogues A high-energy Celtic music group consisting of Zach Dean with soaring lead vocals and acoustic guitar and Giuliana Marie on her driving bodhrán and vocals. The Reelin’ Rogues bring a fresh take to traditional Celtic music by melding vocals that will capture your ears and spirit with unique arrangements inspired by their love of old school punk rock and traditional folk music.
Note: Appearing all days except July 28th
The Rogues of Rafferty Riff, Raff, Ruff, Tuff, and Puff. Sometimes a duo, a trio, quartet, or quintet. This Irish-themed group entertains with music, jokes, and banter that will leave you laughing and amazed by their musicianship! We’ll bring the music, you bring the Guinness. Sláinte!
Note: Appearing July 28th, only
Celtic Mayhem With their remarkable three-part vocal harmony, a variety of acoustic instruments and a sense of musical whimsey. the music of Celtic Mayhem has delighted audiences all over the world.
Note: Appearing the final three weekends (August 4th - 19th), only
Eternity Irish
Step Dancing
North Canton's own A Time to Dance studio brings their talents to the Great Lakes Medieval Faire. Delight as these performers step into your hearts and bring you the luck of the Irish.
Note: Appearing the fifth weekend (August 11/12th), only
Terry Griffith,
the Irish Troubadour
Terry is able to make an audience laugh with songs of Irish humor and then weep with ballads that touch the soul. His guitar melds with his voice to create one instrument that stirs the imagination and captures the heart.
Note: Appearing the final weekend (August 18/19th), only


Live Mermaid Encounter     Enjoy the frantic splashing, playful frolicking, and magical mists of our Mermaid Troupe: Gem, Daisy, and Nixie.
Viking Encampment Experience the Viking Life with NEO Vikings

For the Wee Ones:

Butterflies Encounter Come frolic with our butterflies - learn about their habitats and feed them as they land on your hand. A must-see for every child.
The Muses Search our magical Village of Avaloch and be inspired by your favorite Muse: Wizard Balthazar, the Mystical Gypsy King, the Fairie Princess, or the Oracle
Fairie Forest Flitting Fae Folk will enlighten you all day and present the whimsical Fairie Tales Show twice daily. Come stare into the Magic Mirror as it tests your wits - it's great fun for children of any age. Shows and characters provided by F.A.E. of Ohio
Fairie Games and Crafts Perfect for kids of all ages! Come join the faeries in Arcadia, our Fairie Forest, and create magical paper masks, wands and more.
The Goose's Mother
and Father
As seen on The Tonight Show...!
Pirate's Cover Pirate Ship    Beware - here be real, live pirates, so enter at your own risk...
Storytelling Tree Mother Maggie tells tales of old
King's Miniature Golf Test your skills and compete for best daily score
Rides & Games Kids' Swordplay Ring, Knight Toss and many other games to enjoy
Gypsy Scavenger Hunt Seek, and ye will find!

Please note: All entertainment is subject to change without notice

Questions about Entertainment at the Faire?
Contact our Entertainment Director at entertainment@medievalfaire.com

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