Theme Weekends 2016

July 9-10 - Pride, Glory, Heroes, & Victors:
Show your pride! Dress up and honor your favorite hero.

Guest Performers: Broon, Joffrey, Isaac Fawlkes, and Barby Holder

July 16-17 - Dragons, Wizards, Mermaids, & Fairie Fae:
Spend a magical day with your little ones, and your pets.

Guest Performers: Broon, Joffrey, Isaac Fawlkes, and Barby Holder

July 23-24 - Tyme Warped Steam Punk
Come dressed in your Cogs, Goggles, or as your favorite Sci-Fi character! All time periods on all worlds collide and cross this weekend!

Guest Performers: Broon, Joffrey, and Barby Holder

July 30-31 - Pirate Invasion!
Salt life, mermaids, pirates and scallywags - Arghhh, Life on the High Seas! Join in the invasion in full pirate gear. Adventurous Music and Seafaring Songs await - set sail for swashbuckling mayhem!.

Guest Performers: Broon, Joffrey, Wine and Alchemy, and Barby Holder

August 6-7 - Celtic Celebration:
Share and show your Celtic pride by celebrating with our Pipers, Drummers, Highland Games, Wondrous Music, high-spirited Song and Dance, and Scottish Wares & Foods. It's Tartan Time so grab yer kilts, me Bonny Lads and Lassies!

Guest Performers: Stuart Sisk, Roxanne Bruscha, Ramblin' Rovers, Eternity Irish Step Dancing, and Zoltan the Adequate

August 13-14 - Clash of the Clans:
Fur hides, horned helms and war hammers ATTACK! Join the ruckus fun and party with Titans, Vikings, Romans, Warriors, Barbarians, and Saxons - let the free-for-all invasion begin!

Guest Performers: Hypnotists Rick & Jan Stratton, Stuart Sisk and Roxanne Bruscha

Lots of new and exciting surprises are in the works for the coming season!

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